Barbeque In Buxton

A Recent Barbeque In Buxton 

BBQ In The Peak District - Buxton Derbyshire
Catering Is Far Simpler With The Right Equipment. At Go Ape They Have a Fantastic Wooden Shelter To Cover The Guests Whilst The BBQ Is Prepared And Served

It was the last pre booked barbeque in Buxton this week (that’s not to say somebody won’t contact us last minute with another before Christmas).

It was to cater for a corporate team building event at Go Ape in Buxton Derbyshire. These events we cater for are really well organised and on this occasion the company had booked a brunch on arrival. This consisted of; Flasks of Hot Ground Coffee, Assorted Flavoured Teas, Various Premium Fruit Juices, Fruit Bowl With Large Easy To Eat Fruit, Large Warm Bacon Baguettes Filled With Smoked Back Bacon, Veggie Baps With Halloumi And Chestnut Mushrooms and a Variety Of Bottled Flavoured Waters.

The guests all met, were served a hot tasty breakfast before donning their harnesses and then off to the tree top adventure. Whilst away for nearly two hours we were able to clear away brunch, and start preparing a barbeque lunch.

We offered the guests free range, locally sourced meat options; Homemade beef burgers, Sausage with soft fried onions, Lemon & herb or Cajun marinated chicken breast   Crispy Crumbed Vegetarian Burger, Premium vegetarian sausage, Half a corn on the cob, Selection of slow roasted vegetables, Freshly prepared leaf green salad with cucumber & tomatoes, Pasta & pesto salad, Couscous salad, Greek Salad including feta and olives, Tomato & mozzarella Salad, Condiments & sauces

Catered Barbecues from Cheadle, Stockport, Manchester And The North West
All Is Quiet (Except For Dozens Of Daft Wasps) Whilst We Set Up And Prepare A Barbeque in Picturesque Buxton


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