By Request Caterers For VIP’s at Inside Soap Awards 2015 In Manchester

This Years Inside Soap Awards 2015 Came to Manchester and The VIPs Were Catered For By Us!

Catering for the National Soap Awards
By Request was delighted to provide the catering for the prestigious “Inside Soap Awards 2015” held this year outside London in our own fair city – Manchester!

On page after page of our other blog posts we detail how catering is often perceived as glamorous, and we go into detail to dispel this myth, time and time again, because catering is essentially hard work.

BUT, and this is a rare but. Sometimes we are asked to cater to glamorous events. The catering bit is still hard work but there is just a hint of excitement when the police clear a path through hundreds of people who look on to see what or who is arriving. The tabloid photographers turn their eager lenses in your direction. Men the size of proverbial “out houses” stand stony faced in dark glasses (In Manchester) and talk seriously into shiny microphones in their sleeves. We when we got the call from the organisers of this years “Soap Awards 2015“, glamour was on the menu. The cream of early evening TV were gathered in hushed tones to heap awards upon each other. The orders were given to what we were to provide for the great and the good and wagons rolled towards the historic Palace Theatre in the heart of the Manchester Theatre district. We could see from half a mile away the mass of people outside the theatre craning every sinew to get a glimpse of our small screen TV heroes – on this crazy night they wouldn’t be disappointed!! We slowly inched closer and closer, even in our van we could sense the atmosphere it was palpable! At the traffic lights near the theatre itself an irate shopper struggling to get past the crowd peered into the van – I couldn’t be sure but perhaps he was wondering if we had a handful of celebrities hidden in the back waiting to be smuggled passed the heaving masses. Up ahead a disabled driver pulled out of a parking space in front of the stage door – the gods tonight were truly with us! A Big Issue seller raised in head in hope as he saw our van sign. “By Request, Caterers of Distinction – Great food, handmade, fresh everyday!” Sorry Mr Big Issue seller, our wares we promised to another, we were whisked – well me like pointed in the direction of a bar. Where it was suggested we could put the food there -“if ya want”. We laid out our foodie goodies ready for to be consumed by our small screen Gods. Even in the half light faces more familiar to me than my own parents could be seen, Ken, that one that did the keep fit video years ago, the swarthy David Dickenson and screen behemoth Patrick Duffy. Before my knees gave out, I floated on the discarded star dust that befalls such greats. Tonight there would be no sleep, tonight was a tale to tell my Grandchildren.

They came, they ate, they collected small sparkly perspex dust gathers!!