By Request Rise To The Test


Nibble anybody???
A Small Canape Selection From A House Party We Catered For In Wilmslow Cheshire


We were contacted recently by the head office of a global finance company who were launching a large office in Manchester. They were looking for a catering company to provide the new office with catering, not just ANY catering but VERY distinct and up market fayre to wow visitors and match their image and place in the market. I was told it had taken them years to find just the right company in London “so they knew it was going to be difficult in Manchester!!!”. So they asked if we could do some exciting samples of breakfast food, some unusual but interesting offerings for a lunchtime meeting and something dashing in the way of a canape selection for cocktail events in the evening. They were going to “invite” several of the great and the good catering companies in Manchester to offer their wares and they would taste, photograph, discuss and decide who would get to become a supplier.

We weren’t able to do the samples on the allocated day at the allocated time because we were already committed to some of our current customers, so we said we appreciated the offer and it was with some regret but would have to decline on this occasion.

We thought that was that, a few weeks later we got another phone call from the same office in London saying they still hadn’t found anybody that matched their expectations and would we be able to do some samples at our convenience. We agreed on a date. We took in some items which we hoped they would like and left them to digest and cogitate. The result was the global financial company with a huge head office in London who took forever to find a caterer in London found one in Manchester with just two phone calls, we start mid January.