Catering In Manchester By Royal Apointment!!

By Request Catering team and Her Majesty the Queen
By Request By Royal appointment

Catering in Manchester by Royal Appointment indeed!

Hmm. We thought we had “arrived” when we were asked to cater for the visit to Manchester of the Duchess of Gloucester, but as you can see from the photo above we reached the top of the Royal family tree!

Her Royal Highness Elizabeth II recently visited one of our clients to take part in a fun night for staff. She was treated to a tasty selection of hand made nibbly treats produced by the chefs at By Request, she was waited on hand and foot. Her every whim was attended to. At the end of the evening we bowed respectfully and withdrew………………it turned out she was called Edna and she was a “look a like”!! Just shows you cant trust anyone!!!