Can You Solve This Puzzle?? Catering or Feeding the 5k?

Catering on a large sacale
When the ingredients are measured in fractions of tons you know its larege scale catering!!!


What do you get if you take 600kg, no thats not a typing error 600kg (well over half a ton!!!) of turkey mince, 900kg (nearly a ton) of onions, 1000kg (an actual ton – Jamie never cooks in tons!!)  chopped tomatoes, 1500 cloves of garlic……..? Good question! We didn’t have much of a clue when we were initially contacted via email. At first we thought it was a wind up but it turned out to be a promotion for the Turkey Marketing Board who wanted to offer 24,000 portions of turkey bolognese to the good folk of the Trafford Centre over a period of 3 days to promote the virtues of turkey as an ingredient, and using it to replace beef mince, to make an equally tasty dish but cheaper and much healthier. The only problem was they had nobody that could produce 8,000 portions a day and then deliver them to the Trafford Centre, to then be reheated and  given out. Den, den, den…. send for BR! It will be a while before I can face spaghetti but client and the samplers seemed pleased. Thats what I call catering on a LARGE scale!!!

Ingredients that fill a warehouse. Big time catering!!!
It didn’t look that much on paper!!!…..and there’s more!!! Catering for over 2000!!