…..caterering is so exciting and glamourous!!!!

I wish I had a pound for everytime I had somebody tell me that when they asked what I did for a living!!!! I wish they could follow me round for a few days or a few weeks. I wish they were there when we had to work through the night to make sure evrything was done properly and made fresh, working in buildings with no light, no heat ……and nobody thought to tell you!! We turn up on locations and we have to work in unusal areas or in cupboards. I am reminded of this by a recent prestigous vip event for a local council. The only place we could work to set up, arrange and decorate our canapes was balanced on a desk with our oven perched on a hand basin – we don’t take excessive equipment but it was for 100 and it was a little ….snug!!

"A Canape your honour??!!" Not enough room for us and a cat let alone room for any swinging!!

But at the end of the day, we did our job, the guests were well fed and our client was delighted. AND when is that is how a job concludes all the hassles melt from the mind and the warm glow of satisfaction warm you!!