Catering In Altrincham “They think its all over ………!!”

Catering in Altrincham with Sir Geoff Hurst
By Request were recently catering in Altrincham thrilled to cater for a local company and thrilled to discover the guest of honour was Sir Geoff Hurst.

You just never know who you will bump into at events catered for by By Request, we were recently catering in Altrincham.

Just as this corporate event was about to finish and we had to show guests the door the England Ledgend Sir Geoff Hurst arrived, you will never know how tempting it was to shout “Sir Geoff, you think the party is over……….well it is now!!!”

A good time was had by all and we even ended up giving him a lift back to Manchester Airport, as he got in the front of our transit van I tried to make conversation and suggested it has probabley been a long time since he had ridden in a transit van. With no hint of humour he gave me a cold dead stare and said “I have NEVER ridden in a van before!!”

Thanks for the picture ……..and the hat trick anyway

As well as the presence of a modern hero, the guests enjoyed the following menu


Baby Croissants Filled With Smoked Salmon And Celery,

Rare Roast Beef, Cream Cheese & Sun Dried Tomatoes,
Sliced Egg Salad, Smoked Turkey, Veg & Chilli Bean,
Poached Salmon, Tuna & Sweetcorn, Chicken Tikka,
Pastrami, Stilton & Apricot, Avocado Salad.

Balentines Of Chicken With An Ardennes Pate Filling

Choux Swans Filled With Stilton Mousse (V)

Ham, Dijon & Mushroom Crowns

Fillet Of Beef Én Crôuté

Carrot & Courgette Pakoras (V)

Filo King Prawns

Fresh Crab Claws

Satay Chicken Yakatori

Chilli Beef Pinwheels

Stuffed Potato Skins Brimming With;
Sun Dried Tomatoes & Courgettes (V)

Smokey Bacon & BBQ Sauce

Chicken & Sweetcorn


Hummingbird Cake

Orchard Meringue Vacherins