Catering In Manchester For the Army!

"Stand by your beds, you orrible little man!"
“Stand by your beds, you orrible little man!” This isn’t just catering in Manchester for some it may be the last (posh) supper!
Not a "mess room" you might expect whilst catering in Manchester for a local Army unit
Catering in Manchester for one of our brave Army units before they leave for a tour in hostile territory

Variety is truly the spice of life. We recently got a telephone call from an Army Medical Unit about to leave for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. In true army black humour they decided to have a 5 course “last supper”!!!! The menu was agreed, the style the timings and protocol were all decided – what we didn’t know until we got there was the kitchen was on the ground floor and the dinning room was on the first floor 125 yards away with no working lift!!! We didn’t have a surplus of waitresses so the two chefs had to cook and sprint up the stairs with the food to hand it hot to the waiting waitresses you then graciously and serenely silver served the guests!!

Catering in Manchester for our Army boys....and girls
We recently were asked to provide catering in Manchester for a local army unit for their last formal meal before leaving for a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Before the 3rd Medical Corps flew out for 6 months service in Afghanistan, they wanted to have an officer’s function with a touch of class…. nice menu, nice wine, fantastic surroundings – the only issue for the poor caterers was the kitchen being 118m away and up 3 flights of stairs. The style of service may date back to before the Raj, but it was nice to see people wanting things to be done properly. If the British Army can function in the circumstances they find themselves in, it would have been churlish to complain about 118m and 3 flights of stairs. Whatever happens the other side of the world, a good time was had by all!

Black Pudding Baked In Cider With Seared Scallops Upon a Warm Salad And Dresses With A Tart Bramley Sauce

Pink Champagne Sorbet

Sliced Fillet Of Beef Topped With A Herb Crust. AccompaniedBy A Whole Grain Mustard & Red Wine Sauce

All The Above Are Served With A Selection Of Seasonal Market Vegetables & Daupinoise Potatoes

Creamy Raspberry Brulees

Connoisseur’s Cheese Board, Featuring A Selection Of Fine Hand Made Cheeses From Around The World.

Freshly Ground Coffee, Cream & Hand Made Bitter Chocolate Mints Or Tea