It Shouldn’t Happen When Catering In Manchester!!

Last summer we had a wedding booked at a nice social club in the middle of Manchester, there wasn’t enough room for us to cater in the building so the happy couple asked us to cater from the car park so they could invite more guests. The plan was they would get a catering marquee for up the day before and have security watch the venue to make sure there were no problems. The security they had in mind worried us so we decided to take our equipment down the day of the wedding.

Catering in Manchester, literally
Catering in Manchester for a wedding, which didn’t quite go to plan

I am sure the look on my face was a picture as we pulled up behind the club with a couple of hours to go before 150 guests would be sitting down to 5 courses courtesy of By Request only to find a completely empty car park. No catering marquee, no water tanks, and no generators – nothing. Security had left a little to be desired AND the bride and groom were blissfully unaware. The best man wasn’t so blissful as we collared him and explained our predicament. He gave up watching the service and I gave up my cup of tea to ring round and get all we needed. News of the situation had passed around the wedding throng like wild fire, everyone knew apart from the bride and groom. The groom’s mother didn’t take it well and found comfort in a tall glass accompanied by a slice of lemon and a dash of tonic.

Like all good stories our heroes overcame the obstacles, fed the gathered masses and were toasted well into the night. In other stories the hand of a fair maiden would also be won but my wife often reads these blogs so obviously we settled for hearty applause.


Wedding catering in Manchester
The bit the customers see!!!! By Request Catering in Manchester