Catering in Manchester Apartments

Ring ring – “Good morning, By Request” – “Hello, can you do some catering for the opening of some executive apartments in Manchester?” – “Yes of course but could you give us a few more details of what sort of catering you require please?” – “We will need drinks and canapés  in the reception area and in a show apartment on the 2nd floor and also in another larger show apartment on the 7th floor ………oh and nearly forgot in one of the penthouses on the 13th   floor as well.” – “OK, are there any kitchen facilities at all please?” – “Er, no the only area you could use for equipment, stock and preparation is on the 5th floor”

Have to say that at this point one wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry but our reply was a reassuring, “OK, that’s absolutely fine, we’ll get that sorted for you.”

It goes without saying that this was all at very short notice…

The head chef actually thought it was a Jeremy Beadle wind up! However, it most definitely was not a wind up and drinks and canapés it was in all four floors with By Request somewhere in the middle. We became well acquainted with the lift system in a very short space of time! The canapés and drinks flowed on all levels and everyone went home happy – all in a day’s work for By Request

Minced Steak Samosas
King Prawn Tails
Cucumber Cups With Melon And Strawberry Salad (V)
Fresh Salmon And Dill
Smoked Salmon And Asparagus Pinwheels
Pastry Boats Filled With Ham And Fresh Pineapple
Turkey Nuggets Filled With Garlic And Cream Cheese
Tiny Tandoori Chicken
Breast Kebabs
Strawberries Dipped In Milk, Dark And White Chocolate
Tiny Filled Profiteroles

Great apartments and AMAZING views of Manchester and further afield.