Jason Orange,He won’t thank us! Celebrity Catering In Cheshire

Jason Orange........no, honestly!!!!
We don’t just cater for companies, we don’t just cater for funerals we also cater for private parties for the rich and famous, such as Jason Orange from Take That when recently catering in Cheshire

Some of you maybe old enough to remember “Take That” in the days when they were a boy band!!! We do and have the photographic proof to prove it. This was taken at a new years eve party hosted by one of the boys of the moment Jason Orange. It was a fab job to cater for, not at all what we expected. All the guests were down to earth and were there just to have a good time, including one of my all time dream boats Jenny Powell – Happy New Year Carl. Just for the record for those interested they choose to eat a nice selection of homemade hot dishes, served on medium sized plates and prepared so they could be eaten stood up with a fork – ideal for that kind of party.We had finished serving the last of the food and drinks and began cleaning up just in time for some of the revellers to have woken up and be ready for breakfast which we ended up cooking and serving. Good party, nice crowd and all round good guy  – happy for their success second time around – you ready for another party Jason???By Request found in the best kitchens when there is catering in Cheshire