Corporate Catering – If at First You Don’t Succeed…..

We know there are other caterers out there, we realise there are other caterers who provide corporate catering.

We know some spend a fortune on advertising, or marketing or even have full time sales people – we don’t!!

So there are some companies out there that use these “other” caterers. We are often given details of friends or work colleagues who would benefit from knowing of us and using our services. We subtly approach them and offer some information for their perusal, we then follow up to see if it is of use – that is our version of pressure selling!!

Some people (sometimes understandably) prefer to stick with the devil they know rather than to try something new and it go wrong and reflect badly on them. We keep in touch with companies to inform them of special offers and new services – sometimes for years before they give us a try – usually when they do they become a permanent client, this happened this week. We were tried, I sent an email to the lady who booked our services.

“Morning Natalie
Hope everything went well yesterday, we will call this lunch time to collect the plates and tray.





Hi Carl 

They really enjoyed it, comment used: ‘Excellent choice Nat, they loved it. Much better food.’ so they’ll be ordering again next week.

Many Thanks


If you need corporate catering, if you enjoy great service, if you require great food, handmade fresh everyday then eventually you WILL become a BY REQUEST client

A table laid out for a corporate catering function
Corporate catering is something we feel we are good at, at By Request. We tailor ALL our services and menus to each and every corporate catering client.