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You can download  prices and information about our services
Download prices and information about some of our services some of our services, in the form of PDFs


I realise its not cutting edge technology, but By Request are known for their food and their service rather than their grasp of html etc.!!!

ANYWAY on our latest web site it is now possible to download background information about the company, menus for our fork buffets, finger buffets, hot food, canapés and sit down diners. All with prices and reminding you that the prices are all inclusive, so there are no sneaky extras. So please download prices and services and see how we can help you.

“Hi Carl & Team

The evening was a great success but, as you suspected, their eyes were bigger than their stomachs (that included the extra drink I had to get too!)! They were glad to take some of it home though, so that’s something. They thoroughly enjoyed everything – food, drink, venue all were totally to their taste. Everything was just as was described in the menus which we downloaded off the web site.

Hope to work with you again very soon but look forward to receiving your invoice in the meantime so we can finalise the event at our end.

Very best wishes.



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