Food Service For Medical Reps Stockport

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Catering for hospital visits by medical reps
Let us help by providing quality catering for hospital or medical centre visits.


If you are one of the army of medical reps, sorry (full title) medical representatives, you know and we know you are too busy to be running around to supermarkets, cake shops and deli’s to buy nice food to take with you when you are visiting the hospitals and medical centres where you do “your thing”. We also know its a hassle (and sometimes impossible) to be able to then present the food to look attractive and make it look like the people you are visiting are important to you.

Make your customers feel appreciated and valued, ring us to see how we can help.

We deliver to wherever your meeting is being held, we can deliver to wards or offices. All food includes proper china plates, we can include soft drinks or tea and coffee. All food is garnished to look lovely. But like all our buffets and food, everything is handmade using local ingredients, fresh everyday!


So don’t rush around Marks and Spencer’s and make yourself late, just to serve your important clients with 1 day or two day old sandwiches which are encased in cardboard and cellophane coffins. Don’t have them using all the odd plates they have in their cupboard to eat the food off. Don’t have them wiping their faces with paper towels from the toilets. No, instead call 0161 428 0833 or email us, let us do the running around and deliver you and your guests lovely food, made just for you, earlier that day.

So all you lovely medical reps you know where to come to impress YOUR clients!





Professional business catering for professionals
Make your customers feel valued and appreciated by providing handmade, quality food.