Interesting Feedback Over Christmas

Gingerly making my way up a snow and ice covered drive on Christmas Eve lunchtime, carrying a huge stack of crates full of freshly prepared food I was re thinking my choice in career!! Making my way eventually to the front door I pressed the bell to be greeted by the beaming smile of a middle aged gentlemen I had been communicating with via email – culminating in this meetings He was so pleased to see me, he didn’t think we would be bothered to struggle in to work in the bad weather to do his small function, he then thought if we made it to work we wouldn’t be able to deliver it, (and then the bit which prompted this post) – he couldn’t believe we didn’t charge a premium at Christmas. In fact we have no charges which penalise the time of day, the time of year or the size of the function. His smile made the function worth while.

It reminds me of the functions we have done in the past for famous sports people and TV personalities ………I know it sounds like name dropping, thats not why I mention it. It is just they too where shocked (isn’t overstating it) they we didn’t change our prices when we realised who we were catering for. We have one price list, it is designed so we make¬†enough profit to stay in business and the customer excellent value for money …….no matter who they are!!