Outside catering!!!


When you hear the expression outside catering, what do you think of??

If you ask any of the management or staff at By Request catering you maybe surprised by their answer. Traditionally the definition is to provide catering outside the place where the food is produced commercially – so not in a hotel, restaurant, pub etc. The more popular and certainly more common types of outside catering we are asked to cater for usually fit into two areas.

Outside Catering - Board Room Lunch
Board Room Lunch In a Bushinesses Offices

Corporate catering – for businesses in offices for meetings, training or entertainment.

Domestic catering – this can include catering actually in somebodies house or garden and even family events maybe held in pubs, clubs and church halls etc.

These few examples are certainly not an exhausted list. We have provided outside catering; in the middle of rugby pitches, in a Nunnery, in school play grounds, in airports (inside and outside) on coaches (whilst moving) at horse racing events, at motor racing events, in office cupboards, in listed buildings, in garages (domestic and commercial). In barns, in town halls, in hospitals ………..

Not all outside catering is outside
Hours before the big event – a wedding By Request are outside catering for near Northwich


Then on top of all the different possible locations there are all the different styles of food to choose from ie hot or cold, needs a fork or is a finger buffet. Served or self service. All the guests served at once or served over a period of time?

We helped the Hong Kong Tourist board in cities throughout the UK
Hong Kong Tourist Board Extravaganza


Then what is the budget, what food will people like, are there any dietary requirements………


outside catering for the British Army
A Touch Of Class, Outside Catering INSIDE a Army barracks in central Manchester