Prestige Car Showroom Catering Stockport

You just never know where we will be plying our trade whilst providing catering in Stockport and the surrounding area. One such an occasion was the opening of a very select car dealership. It was a “thank you” to customers past and an introduction to customers of the future – the showroom was top notch so our food and service had to match the surroundings!! Send for By Request Catering Stockport!!

A car with your canapé sir??
Not just fancy cars on display when By Request are providing the catering!

Some people assume if you don’t have a kitchen then you are limited to the choice and type of food you can offer, others never consider the practicalities – we work with both types of customer and strive to delight both. There were no kitchen facilities for us to use BUT we were still able to offer a choice of 6 hot dishes with all the accompaniments, a cold selection, a full bar and then desserts with fresh coffee to round off the evening.


 Prestige Car Showroom Catering Stockport Menu 

Beef Bourguignone

Hoi Sin Beef Fillet With Crispy Stir Fried Vegetables.

Sole Florentine, Layers of White Fish Fresh Spinach With A Cheese Sauce

Southern Style Chicken With Sweetcorn Fritters

Prawn, Haddock And Leek Bake With a Cream and Mushroom Sauce

Thai Chicken Curry With Fragrant Rice

Cannelloni Stuffed With Spinach White Wine & Gruyère Sauce

Tomatoes Stuffed With Cracked Wheat, Peas & Chutney

German mechanical expertise mixed with expertise in catering from Stockport
Not having catering facilities doesn’t necessarily prevent a company to be able to provide lovely catering