Corporate catering, private catering and now…. School Dinners

Our school dinners go down a storm at local primary school

School dinners – they don’t always get a good press do they? However, we recently started to provide “school dinners” ie hot meals at lunchtime for a local school. The headteacher emailed us to give us some feedback.

“Hi Carl, Sorry no they don’t !  Everyone loved the dinner today.  Lots of parents coming in to pick children up have commented too on how lovely they are.  They can choose to pay to stay for a little longer so I think seeing the food is tempting quite a few.  They ate everything really well today.  It was all gorgeous.  One of the staff said it was as lovely as a homemade dinner.  We perhaps didn’t need quite as much veg. They loved the meat, coleslaw and yoghurt too.Thanks”

image of healthy plate of food for school dinners
The ideal healthy balance of food on your plate, One third fruit & veg, one third starchy foods and one third dairy and non-dairy protein,

Love him or loathe him, you can’t escape from the fact that Jamie Oliver has done the bit for trying to get the quality of school dinners improved.