Blimey!!! Thats waitress service

Waitress service with a difference.
Waitress service with a difference.By Request waitresses go that extra mile to serve our customers


One of the unexpected consequences of calling the company By Request, is we get some unusual “requests”!!!

We were asked to cater for a large travel company who were promoting travel to the middle east, they asked us to provide local style dishes and also to have the waitresses dress up in something in keeping for the region. Our girls were good sports and obliged even though its was the middle of winter in northern Manchester rather than a balmy Arabian Night!!!! Waitress service with a difference!!


Middle Eastern Style Buffet With Middle Eastern Style Waitress Service


Kestanezi Hindi Guvech (Casseroled Turkey With Chestnuts)

Moroccan Lamb Stew

Spinach & Feta Borek

S’Finah (Miniature Pizzas)

Arabian Beef With Flour Pancakes 

Lamb Koftas With Tomato Salsa

Sabzi Isfahan Khodran (Mixed Herb Salad) 


Spicy Potatoes

Baklava (Sweet Nut Pastry) 

Qataayif (Pancakes With Syrup)


We don’t just cater for Middle East themes we can do themed events, formal events, informal events, self service functions, served functions, silver service, family service………put in the simplest terms, you tell us what you want and we will make it happen!!!