What is By Request’s USP??

USP is Marketing Jargon for Unique Selling Point.  What makes By Request different from other catering companies??  Our tag line says “Great food, handmade fresh each day” and that’s our USP. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean.

Great Food – We don’t want to give our customers anything average, we don’t want to cook it and we are sure they wouldn’t want to eat it.

Handmade. We are a team of qualified chefs with over 100 years of catering experience between us. We don’t “buy in” products, we make everything ourselves. Which means with can tailor make EVERY dish to suit your tastes. Our chefs don’t just telephone a frozen food supplier and then spend the morning opening boxes. We start early in the morning to hand make all the food for our customers for that day.

Fresh each day.. It’s not manufactured in a factory by machines – months or years in advance. We use fresh local ingredients and fashion them into dishes we hope you will like to eat. This means if you want a breakfast at 6.00am for example – we may have to start work at 4.00am to make sure it’s done fresh and delivered on time.

This tag line certainly doesn’t make life easy, but we enjoy cooking and we enjoy the smiles on our customer’s faces when they taste the difference and that’s what our USP is all about.

Below is a picture of a simple raspberry and white chocolate chip muffin. Cheap to buy, easy to buy and some of the products aren’t too bad BUT we still make our own. The recipe is simple, the ingredients are good quality, the results are delicious and all the items we put in our food you are likely to have in your kitchen, some of the factory produced food the only place you will find their ingredients is in a science laboratory.

Platter of freshly made Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffin, another example of By Request's USP.
Handmade Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins